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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Enable Hibernation in Windows XP

Want to Hibernate your computer? Are you confused between "Stand by" and "Hibernate"?


      Stand by is a method in which all data in RAM (Random Access Memory) does not copied anywhere. When the computer starts from Stand by then the system automatically starts from the last position when you stand by. But in case of hibernating all data of RAM is copied to Secondary Memory (i.e., Hard Disk) and when you Turns your computer on then all those data is again copied into RAM, that's why all the windows, programs, games remain in the same state where you left those.

      Another main difference between Stand by and hibernation is that in stand by your computer remain turns on but not in the hibernation state and so hibernate state is a good method for power saving.

Now the question arises that how to enable Hibernation and can you enable Hibernate your computer in any state?

      The second answar is that you can Hibernate your computer in any state if your Mother Board suports Hibernation and you install properly VGA Driver.

      Then we come to the topic how can you enable Hibernation in your computer. The following steps will help you to enable Hibernation:

Step 1: Go to Start -> Control panel ->Power Options (in Classic View) or Performance and Maintenance and then Power Options (in Category View).

Step 2: Now a "Power Options Properties" window appear. Go to "Hibernate" tab.

Step 3: After that check mark the box "Enable hibernation".

Step 4: Click "Apply" and "Ok".

Step 5: Now when you want to hibernate then go to "Start" -> "Turn off Computer" and pressing the Shift key you can find that "Stand by" button will turn into "Hibernate" button.

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