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Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick Screenshot Maker


      Quick Screenshot Maker is an all-in-one tool for screen capturing, image editing and organization. It can capture any part of the screen precisely in flexible ways, including DirectX, screen saver and movie screens. Use Quick Screenshot Maker to save time and enhance your screen shots. Add annotations, text, arrows, highlights, clipart and more. The History Bar helps you find all of your captured images and organize them quickly and easily.

Key features

  • Powerful screen capture functions ::-
    Use Quick Screenshot Maker to capture full screen, active window, windows and controls, regions images from your screen, including DirectX, screen saver and movie screens. Can capture cursor image, supports auto-scroll long window during window capture. Also it supports time-activated capture.

  • High productivity ::-
    Quick Screenshot Maker supports hotkey to start capture quickly. You can define you own hotkey. Can capture an image and copy it to the clipboard or save it to graphic file with automatically generated file names.

  • Easy viewing and editing ::-
    You can view screen shots by zooming, hand-scrolling. Edit an image directly - by high quality resizing, rotating, flipping and cropping. You can pick a color to make part of an image transparent. Change the opacity of image. And you can add as many as 40 kinds of effects to an image, such as dropping shadow, changing brightness & contrast, halftone, blur, mosaic... and so on.

  • Enhance the screen shots ::-
    Quick Screenshot Maker allows you to edit several screen shots on the same canvas. And you can improve the images by adding objects like arrows, text, balloons (callouts), shapes (highlights) and other images. You can move, resize, change properties of the objects, or remove the useless ones at any time.

  • Capture Management ::-
    All the files saved by Quick Screenshot Maker are recorded in the History bar. It shows the file names, path, saved time and size of each file. You can quickly open or insert an image file to current canvas by simply double clicking a history link. Delete the files or links from the History bar, too. And you can also add some links to the list.

You can download and distribute the fully functional unlicensed copy. Quick Screenshot Maker is shareware.

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