Softsystemware: How to change the keyboard mode in Avro Keyboard

Monday, July 12, 2010

How to change the keyboard mode in Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard is a software to write in Bengali language wherever and whenever you want. Here is a discussion about the keyboard mode in it.

There are two ways to change the keyboard mode in Avro Keyboard:

1. Using Keyboard : to change keyboard mode you can use default key F12. Press F12 to toggle the language. You can also change key as you want.

[N.B. : To change the default key F12, go through the instructions. The following figures will help you to change the default key for the Keyboard Mode change.

Run the application -> click on "Tools" option -> select "Options" -> go to "Keyboard Mode" in the left side panel -> set "Keyboard Mode switching keystroke".]

2. Using Mouse : You can use mouse to change the language used in Avro Keyboard in two ways.
(a) in Top Bar Interface : clicking on the keyboard mode button in the Top Bar Interface you can toggle the language.

(b) in System Tray Icon : clicking on System Tray icon Interface Mode you can toggole the language.

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