Softsystemware: Registration of Accurate Shutdown

Monday, July 12, 2010

Registration of Accurate Shutdown

  • Registration :

    • In order to use the software more than 30 days, you must register it . For more information please visit the website.

    • To purchase Accurate Shutdown visit

    • After purchasing you will receive a registration code via email.

    • Once you have received the user name and registation code, you can order Accurate Shutdown.

    • Registered users can enjoy free updates for one year. For sales issues, contact at

    • To register the software, you are required to connect your computer to Internet , because the whole registration process is online. When your computer is connected to Internet, right-click the tray icon of Accurate Shutdown , from the main menu, click on "Register". You will be required to enter your user name and registration code, and after you submit them, you need to wait for a short while until a congratulation prompt is shown. Quit Accurate Shutdown and run it again. From now you can use all functions of Accurate Shutdown, and you will no longer see the registration reminder.

    • If you have any question or problem with the ordering process please send email to

  • Technical Support :

    • As a registered user of Accurate Solution products, you will receive ongoing email support from our technical support team. If you have technical support needs,email at

  • Feedback :

    • If you have any question or suggestion with the product you can send feedback by an email at

  • Developer Information :


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