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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Auto-scroll window during window capture

   If you check the Auto-scroll window option under Capture tab of Capture settings dialog, the program will automatically scroll the captured application's window. It scrolls long pages with a vertical scroll bar, allowing you to capture more than you can see on the screen. In general, leave this function disabled unless you absolutely need this functionality.

   Important: Auto-scroll doesn't work for all applications that have a vertical scroll bar. Some applications erase the marks that Quick Screenshot Maker draws over the window it captures while scrolling. These marks allow it to find out how many pixel lines was scrolled during the scrolling interval. If these control marks are erased, Quick Screenshot Maker has no way of knowing how much data to capture.

   In such a case, it will display an error message and capture what it could without scrolling. The most popular web browsers (MS Internet Explorer) work well with auto-scroll, and many other programs tested well with it. However it may not work with programs who handle the screen in a method hostile to the control mark method.

   Here are the steps for making an Auto-scroll window capture:

   1.Make sure the auto-scroll option is enabled.
Have the target window ready, with the vertical scroll bar set to the top, or to the place where you want to start the Auto-scrolling capture.
Select "Capture > Window, Control, Button" from Quick Screenshot Maker's menu, or set the default / last capture to "Window, Control, Button" under the Capture tab of Capture settings dialog and press the hotkey.

   2.Move your mouse to the middle of the document that you want to Auto-scroll capture and click the left mouse button inside the document.
Watch how Quick Screenshot Maker scrolls the window, and as it does this, it draws horizontal marks over it.

   Tip: If you want, you can abort this process early by left-clicking the mouse. If you elect to wait until it finishes, the window will scroll until all of the available text has scrolled into view and has been captured. On some documents, remember, this might be very, very long resulting in a huge capture that consumes much memory (or disk space).
The capture is complete. Examine the contents of Quick Screenshot Maker's window to make sure it captured the contents correctly, and save the file using the name you wish to use.

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