Softsystemware: Some Solutions to Download Problems with Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Solutions to Download Problems with Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
    Q. I cannot download a file without using IDM. IDM download dialog always pops up even if I exit IDM. What should I do?
  • Ans - If you want to disable IDM temporarily for a single download, you may hold down the Alt key while clicking on a download link to prevent IDM from taking over the download. Note that holding the Alt key allows your browser download the file. You can customize this key by using Keys button in IDM Options->General. You may also delete this file type from “automatically start” list in "Options->General" dialog. Or you may add this site to the list of exceptions in the same dialog.

    Q. I want to disable downloading with IDM. How do I do this?
  • Ans - If you don't want IDM to take over any downloads from a browser, turn off the browser integration in IDM options. After turning off/on the browser integration in "IDM Options->General", don't forget to restart the browser.

    Q. Internet Download Manager doesn't take over the download from MSN Explorer. What is wrong?
  • Ans - Make sure that "Integrate into Microsoft Internet Explorer" box is checked in IDM Options->General. Also IDM icon should remain in the system tray if you want it to take over downloads from MSN Explorer or Internet Explorer based browsers.

    Q. Internet Download Manager doesn't take over a download. What is wrong?
  • Ans - IDM takes over a download if its type matches the list of types or extensions. You may edit the list of extensions in "IDM Options->General". If it doesn't help, try to hold down the CTRL key while clicking the download link.

    Q. My download speed in IDM is not very high. How can I improve it?
  • Ans - Please try to select a high bandwidth connection type in "Options->Connection" dialog. You may also try to play with "Default max conn. number parameter" in the same dialog. It should raise your speed. Please also note that the download speed strongly depends on the server you are downloading from and on your current network conditions.

    Q. I added a password for a site in “Options->Sites Logins” dialog, but IDM does not use it when I try to download from this site. What can I do?
  • Ans - Please check that you selected an appropriate protocol for your URL in "Options->Sites Logins" dialog. Please note that a download may have a different URL than the basic server. For example, you browse the site "" but all its downloads come from "". Please add the correct server name to site logins list. If it doesn’t solve your problem, try to use wildcards in URL like "*".

    Q. IDM tries to download Windows updates. How to disable this?
  • Ans - Please try to set/add the following value for the exclude list in "Options->General" dialog: * *

    Q. IDM downloaded a file but cannot rebuild temporary chunks. What should I do?
  • Ans - Usually this error occurs when a temporary file is being used by some other application. It may be some antiviral software or a file viewer. Please try to restart your computer, and then resume the download. In most cases, IDM will rebuild the temporary files. If it doesn’t help, please look for the download log file, and send it to us for analysis.

    Q. I get a memory allocation error when IDM tries to rebuild temporary chunks. What should I do?
  • Ans - Please update to the latest version. Please try to restart your computer, and resume the download. After that in most cases, IDM will rebuild all temporary files.

    Q. I have problems with downloading files from IDM downloads HTML pages instead of real files. Is there any way to solve your problem?
  • Ans - Please try to go to, log into the Premium Zone and check the box for Direct Download. Our users who had similar problems reported that this helped them.

    Q. I have premium account on, but when I right click on a download link and choose "Download with IDM", IDM downloads an html page. How can I download files on with Internet Download Manager directly?
  • Ans - 
    • 1. Add new login information line for http://* to IDM Options->Site Logins. You should use the asterisk at the beginning of the site name because there are redirects to different sub domains on the site. Select "http://", type "*", your user name, and your password on the "Site login" Megaupload dialog.

    • 2. Turn on "Direct download" option in your account settings on site. You can do it on "Transfer settings" dialog. See picture.

         When direct download option is turned on, it's not necessary to download with IDM using "download with IDM" popup menu item in the browser. IDM should take over the download automatically when you click on its download link. If IDM has not taken over the download and a standard browser download dialog appeared, you should check the extension in the list of automatically downloaded file types in IDM "Options->File Types" dialog. For example you can come across files like,, and etc. In this case you should add 0* (zero followed by an asterisk) to the list of file types to start downloading automatically in Options->File Types.

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