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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MP3 Cutter - Joiner

  • Introduction:

        Do you want to cut and get out the excellent part in an audio file? Do you want to joining a lot of audio files into one file? Please test MP3 Cutter Joiner. It will be your best choice. MP3 Cutter Joiner can one time cut and get out many excellent parts in many audio files. It can also joining the excellent part in a lot of audio files together too. And you don't need to cut and get out the excellent parts first. MP3 Cutter Joiner supports and tests the function, enable you accurate settings new beginning of file, finish the position.MP3 Cutter Joiner adopts advanced LAME Encoder and OGG codec, allows you to generate various qualities of MP3, WAV, WMA and Ogg files. it offers rich options for your special requirements. Support MP3 VBR and OGG VBR. MP3 Cutter Joiner has the FLASH demo, very easily causes you to become the expert.

  • Features:
    1. Cuts small part from a large auido file.
    2. Marges multiple audio files to a large one.
    3. Supports visually setting start-time/end-time for cutting/joining. Can set the start-time/end-time just when pre-listening to the song.
    4. No quality is lost.
    5. Cutting/joining with high precision.
    6. Supports batch cutting.
    7. Supports MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG format.

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