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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Capture Window, Button, Control

   Click "Capture > Window, Button, Control" menu item to capture window, button or control on the desktop. The captured object may be menu, toolbar, status bar, button, picture, label, panel, client view, and window itself. You can also set the Default / Last capture to Window, Button, Control under the Capture tab of Capture settings dialog, then press the hotkey or click "Capture > Default / Last capture" menu item to start capture.
   When capturing, Quick Screenshot Maker will hides itself. To view Quick Screenshot Maker after capture, check the "Show main window" option under the Edit tab of Capture settings dialog, if not, Quick Screenshot Maker will be minimized (visible only on the system tray area) and you'll have to click on it to open it up again.

   If you want to include cursor, check the Include cursor image option under the Capture tab of Capture settings dialog.

   When you start capture, the cursor changes to a finger pointer. As you move the pointer over portions of the window you are capturing, objects are highlights with a rectangle area border, indicating that if you click there, that is the object to be captured. Select the object by positioning the finger pointer over it, then clicking the left mouse button to finish capture. You can click the right mouse button or press the "Esc" key to cancel capture. Examine the contents of Quick Screenshot Maker's window to see what it capture, and save the file using the name you wish to use.

   If you want to capture the extended contents of a window containing vertical scroll bar, see Auto-scroll window during window capture.

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