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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Timer-activated capture

   Timer-activated capture allows you to create sequences of screenshots from specific region of the screen, at regular intervals. The captured images will be auto saved in the specific directory with automatic generated file names.

   You can click the "Capture > Time-activated capture" menu item to open the timer settings dialog. Firstly, you should set the frequency of the timer. It can be from 1 seconds to 60 minutes. Secondly, choose the screen area you want to capture. It can be Full screen, active window, or a selected region of the screen. When you select to capture a selected region, you should specify the Start X, Start Y, Width and Height of the region. You can also by clicking the Select region button to specify the region with your mouse on the screen. If you can check the Draw time on the captured image option, each image captured by timer will be drawn on a text indicating the capturing time of it. Thirdly, you should specify the auto-save directory of captures and the image format. The captured images will be saved in the directory with the specific format. After these settings, click Start Timer button to start timed capture.

   About the file names: The file name of each capture is automatically generated and in "index-year-month-day-hour-minute-second" format. For example, the second image is captured at 09:35:20 2004-2-23, in jpg format, then the file name will be "2-2004-2-23-09-35-20.jpg". All the files saved are recorded in the History List. You can view them quickly from the History bar.

   When capturing, Quick Screenshot Maker will hides itself. To view Quick Screenshot Maker, you must stop the timed capture first. Right click the icon of Quick Screenshot Maker on the system tray area, and a dialog will appear. It shows how many screen shots has been captured since you start timed capture. Click the "Stop Now" button to stop timer, or click "Cancel" button to continue. When you stop the capture, Quick Screenshot Maker will show itself.

Note: You should stop timed capturing first to use other screen capture functions.

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