Softsystemware: Quick Start of Screenshot Capture

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick Start of Screenshot Capture

   After you install Quick Screenshot Maker, you can start to capture image from your desktop with the default settings immediately. First make sure Quick Screenshot Maker is running, then you can start capture in 3 ways (excluding capture "DirectX full screen" and "time-activated capture"):
Click the menu item under Capture menu. For example, click "Capture > Window, Button, Control" to capture any window or control on the desktop.
Press the hotkey to start default / last capture. After you install the program, the initial hotkey is "F10", and the initial "default \ last capture" is "Capture rectangle area". So by clicking the key "F10" you can start capture a rectangle region from the screen.
   Right click the icon of Quick Screenshot Maker on the system tray area. From the popup menu click the item under Capture menu.
   When you start capture, the window of Quick Screenshot Maker will disappear. Usually by left-clicking or pressing the "Enter" key to finish capture, and right-clicking or pressing the "Esc" key to cancel the capture.

   In order to view Quick Screenshot Maker and your capture's image after you've done it, make sure that the Show Main Window option under the Edit tab of Capture settings dialog is checked. If it isn't checked, Quick Screenshot Maker will be minimized (visible only on the system tray area) and you'll have to click on it to open it up again.

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