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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bangla Word

  • Bangla Word

    BanglaWord is a smart word processing application, specifically designed for writing Bengali documents. Bangla text is
    entered using only the vowels (swarabarnas) and the consonant (banjonbarnos). The conjunct characters (juktho okkors) are
    placed automatically by the system if possible otherwise when indicated by the user. Bengali alphabet is mapped phonetically
    on to the standard QWERTY keyboard, independent of the any Bangla font. This minimizes the initial learning curve and
    removes the need for physical layout template.

  • Features :

    • 1 Bangla Word uses a smart typing method; where you only need to remember how to type the Bengali alphabet from the
      QWERTY keyboard. The characters of the Bengali alphabet are placed on their phonetic, English, equivalent keys (with a few
    • 2 No special context menus or physical keyboard templates are required for infrequently used letters or jukthos.
    • 3 Vowels following the consonants are automatically represented in their ‘Akhar’, ‘ekar ’, etc form
    • 4 Juktho representation of two characters can be obtained simply by typing the two characters as normal, followed by F1
      key and the F2 key can be used to undo the jukto.
    • 5 Type Bangla characters in the same order as the words are spelt in Bangla.
    • 6 Same keyboard layout for all Bangla fonts (fonts must be configured first). Configuration file for the most popular fonts
      are already included.
    • 7 Automatically convert between different Bangla fonts, simply by selecting the appropriated text and then changing the
      font in the usual way.
    • 8 Change between English and Bangla fonts simply by pressing a key (F12 key)
    • 9 Recognised Bangla font indicator in font pulldown, allows you to see all the Bangla fonts that will support your works.

  • System Requirements ::

    • Minimum system recommendation :

      • 486 PC running Win95
      • 32 Mb RAM
      • 10 Mb free hard disk space
      • SVGA monitor
      • 1 Mb graphics card
      • Standard keyboard & mouse

    • Recommended system specifications :

      • Pentium II PC running Win98 SE/WinMe/Win2k/WinXp
      • 64 Mb RAM
      • 100 Mb free hard disk space
      • SVGA monitor
      • 4 Mb graphics card
      • Internet Access
      • Standard keyboard & mouse

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