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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WinRar Wizard

  • Wizard interface
    •  WinRAR Wizard interface is designed for novice users and allows to perform basic compression and decompression operations using the simple step by step procedure.
    •  You need to press Wizard button on WinRAR toolbar to display the wizard dialog. By default this button is visible both inside and outside of archives, but you may disable or enable it like other toolbar buttons with "Select buttons…" in General settings dialog. Another option of the same, "General settings" dialog, "Activate Wizard on start", allows to run Wizard every time when WinRAR starts.

    •  Every Wizard dialog contains a brief instruction at the top, describing dialog contents and possible user actions. You may also press Help button to get more detailed instructions.

  • Wizard operation:

    •  Here you need to select an operation to perform.
    •  If you wish to unpack contents of RAR, ZIP or other archive, choose "Unpack an archive" option. For example, you need to select it to decompress a file downloaded from Internet.
    •  If you need to create a new archive and place some of your files in compressed format to it, choose "Create a new archive" option. It may be useful to compress files before sending them by email or copying to floppy disk, it help to reduce file size.

    •  If you wish to add files to already existing archive instead of creating a new one, select "Add files to already existing archive" option.
      After you have chosen an operation, press "Next" button at the bottom of dialog. If you selected "Create a new archive" or "Add files to already existing archive" option, you will be prompted with "Select files to add" dialog, where you need to select those files, which you wish to compress. In case of "Unpack an archive" you will go directly to the next "Choose the archive" dialog.

  • Wizard:-

    Archiving options -

  •  Here you may specify some additional archiving options.
  •  If high archiving speed is more important for you than compression ratio, enable "Faster, but less tight compression".
  •  If you wish to delete files after they had been successfully archived, set "Delete files after archiving".
  •  If you need to create a self-extracting archive, enable "Create self-extracting (.exe) archive" option. Such archive does not need WinRAR to be unpacked, it has exe extension and it is enough to run it (double click on its icon) to unpack its contents.

  •  You can press "Set password…" button and specify a password if you wish to encrypt archiving files. Do not forget your password, it is impossible to unpack encrypted files without it.
  •  Also, if you create a new archive, you may split it to several separate parts (called volumes). Sometimes it may be more convenient to have several files of smaller size than one large file. If you wish to do it, just enter a size of single part in bytes in the input field near the bottom of dialog.

  •  If you update an already existing archive, options to create self-extracting archive and to split it to parts are disabled. They are accessible only in case of new archive.
  •  Note that all settings in this dialog are optional, usually you may keep their default values.
  •  When done, press "Finish" button at the bottom of dialog to start the archiving operation.

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