Softsystemware: IGRS

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


  •       In the future e-world, where various network terminals will be easily interconnected, resources and data may be transferred and shared freely, safe and quickly.

  •       Notebook computers, the carriers of both business information and personal information, are being increasingly used. This requires notebooks to be able to be easily and freely interconnected with other terminals besides their mobile computing functions. Lenovo' s IGRS AnyComm is designed aiming at this need.

  •       It is an IGRS-Protocol-based software for intelligent interconnection and resource sharing among IGRS users and among IGRS devices.
  • IGRS Users: No AP is necessary; Wireless interconnection;

  • IGRS Devices: Intelligent detecting; Connect-and-play;

  • IGRS Network: Information interchanging; Resource sharing.
  • With IGRS AnyComm, you may:
      1) at home, interconnect various home digital devices to enjoy integrated entertainment.
    • Quick AP-free interconnection, capable of quick wireless networking among multiple wireless devices.

    • Sharing and playing of multimedia resources between multiple wireless devices;

    • IGRS MediaLink breaks the limitation of a notebook audio/video effect. It plays video files onto large TV screen and plays audio files onto home hi-fi system;

    • Internet Sharing helps you easily enable simultaneous wireless Internet connection of multiple computers at home.

    • Viewing the pictures shot using mobile phone directly on TV screen;

    • l using mobile phone to control music that is being played by computer, without adjusting volume or switching songs in the vicinity of the computer;

      2) in conference room, interconnect conference participators, and quickly and easily transfer data and information.

    • With AnyComm, you are able to establish a wireless multi-participator conference room quickly.

    • Real-time information exchanging and real-time inter-transferring of data and files among the participators.

    • IGRS Wireless Projector enables wireless projection and helps improving conference efficiency, eliminating frequent plugs-pulls of cables.

    • By playing of notebook PPT file with an IGRS mobile phone, the presenter is able to exert his presentation skills.

    • User identity authentication and multiple-layer encryptions during data transmission secure confidentiality of wireless conferences.

      3) at outdoor, wireless interconnection with friends anywhere and anytime, instant information exchanging and wireless contest games.

    • Quick and easy wireless connection of multiple notebooks without restriction of site or device;

    • Real-time information/file interchanging.

    • Exchange of information (e.g. data, picture) with RIGS mobile phones;

    • LAN-game supporting enables wireless to-ground game-contest at any time.

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