Softsystemware: Commands for Total Video Converter (TVC)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Commands for Total Video Converter (TVC)

::  Commands for Total Video Converter  ::(TVC)

Command Line supports:

Command line option (only support for pro version:

/h or /help --- Help information

/f --- Input file

/ds --- Open file with system directx

/atds --- Auto open file with system directx

/o --- Output file

/tf --- From time Format hh:mm:ss.0.1s

/td --- Duration timeFormat hh:mm:ss.0.1s

/pi --- Output settings using ini filename

/pn --- Output settings using profile name in ini file


Convert test.3gp to VCD format testout.mpg

>tvc /f test.3gp /o testout.mpg /pi ini\palvcd.ini /pn PAL VCD mpeg Normal

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